BOA Table redefines the traditional conference table with a sustainable approach and user-friendly assembly, inspired by the traditional skills of Japanese bamboo craftsmanship. Its generous dimensions allow a large number of people to gather around it while remaining compact and portable. The stable trestle can be combined with any tabletop – customized or sourced locally.

”BOA is light and sleek, and easy to put together. It’s one of the most important products we have ever made because it fulfils every single one of our design values: it is original, relevant, responsible, simple, and beautiful.”

Rolf Hay – archiproducts interview

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Featuring a special aluminium-folding technique that mimics the work of bamboo craftsmen in Japan, BOA’s frame comes flat-packed, and is easily bent into place on site by the user with minimal tools or effort.

The large cross-section of the tubes supports the cantilevering of the table over long distances and enables tidy cable management inside.

“Recycled aluminum requires only five percent of the energy needed for primary aluminum. Plus, it is recycled and extruded in Scandinavia by using hydropower. Hence, the carbon footprint is about seven times smaller than the global average.”

Stefan Diez

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Modular Table system

Recycled and recyclable aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polypropylene

BOA is a conference table system based on a bold and lightweight tubular aluminium structure.
Following experiments with bamboo as part of Japan Creative, BOA’s frame is made from aluminium tubes recycled in Norway from at least 75% post-consumer material and manufactured using 100% renewable hydropower.
A discreet connector guides the bend of the legs over the bars and connects them together. This allows for a robust construction with reduced resources. With its easy-to-understand set of fittings, the Flatpack system can be assembled without any manual skills. From living rooms to conference rooms, the table can be customised in height, width, length and finish. As an interface for add-ons, the frame can be fitted or updated with accessories and electronic infrastructure to meet ever-changing requirements at home or in an office or workshop environment. At the end of BOA´s lifespan, the individual parts can be separated by type for maintenance or recycling.

Together with Arthur Desmet

First presented at 3 Days of Design 2023, Copenhagen