The AYNO lighting family is based on an idea that is as simple as it is ingenious. 

This contemporary interpretation of adjustable lighting is very reduced and slender – and does not need any joints.

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The lamp’s central characteristic is a slim, flexible fibreglass rod to which a thin cable is fixed with two continuously movable adjustment rings. Due to its inherent tension, the rod will always return to its original position.

Using the cable and the rings, the rod is bent into an arc – a feature known from the reedited Midgard TYP 113 from the 1920s, which was already popular at the Bauhaus.

With this mechanism, the rod can be bent into the desired position and the cone of light is placed where needed. Further fine adjustments can be made using the swivelling lampshade.

“A design break of almost 70 years at Midgard was a clear challenge. And we were very happy to accept it, considering it a call to finding a radical solution.”

Stefan Diez

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At the Temporary Gallery, the origin of directional light was juxtaposed with a modern interpretation designed by Stefan Diez for Midgard. In the gallery’s white space, Diez Office was staging different versions of the original design. With the first modern Midgard lamp since the 1960s, Diez Office creates the bridge between history and the present.

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Leuchten-Kollektion – work in progress – Metallgestell, Fiberglasstab, Kunststoff Verstellringe, Polycarbonat Leuchtenschirm, Textilkabel, LED

Die AYNO-Kollektion, bestehend aus Tisch- und Stehleuchten, ist technisch wie optisch absolut eigenständig in ihrer Funktionalität. Durch die Verwendung von LED und Niedervolttechnik konnte der Durchmesser des textilen Kabels auf ein Minimum reduziert werden und der kegelförmige Schirm aus sehr leichtem, unzerbrechlichem Polycarbonat hergestellt werden. Dies hat zudem den Vorteil, dass die Leuchte werkzeugfrei montierbar und wartungsfrei ist.

Zusammen mit Lina Fischer

Erstmalig vorgestellt auf der IMM 2020 in Köln

Collection of Luminaires

Steel base, fibreglass rod, adjustable plastic rings, polycarbonate lampshade, textile cable, LED

The AYNO collection, which includes table, floor and wall variants is independent in terms of technology and design. Through the use of LED and low voltage technology, the textile cable’s diameter is reduced to a minimum. It also allowed the design of an ultra-light, cone shaped lampshade. The avoidance of joints brings with it the advantage that the lamp can be assembled without tools and is easy to maintain.

Together with Lina Fischer

First presented at IMM 2020 in Cologne