FULD nesting chair is built to combine a comfort seating with a smart storage solution. Designed for workspaces and community rooms it allows for easy space reconfiguration for different uses. The lightweight mobile chair can be moved by anybody without effort. In nesting position FULD gives instantly free space where and when you need it.

Its innovative one-piece construction where the back rest, arms and back legs are one continuous piece form a appealing nest when telescoped. The chair comprises just two materials for easy recycling at the end of its lifecycle.

FULD´s back has a touch of elasticity, which is comfortable while shifting. Designed for practicality, it features a flip-up seat and wall-saver legs that prevent the chairback from scraping against walls. An optional 3D Knit textile available in a variety of colors adds visual warmth.

“The collaboration with Herman Miller never feels like it’s driven by constraints, but driven more by an idea. It’s clear what we’re working for: The product that comes out from the process is not a product that is a compromise, and that’s what I love.”

Stefan Diez

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Nesting Chair

The motivation for designing FULD Nesting Chair was the idea of creating a chair offering comfort, effortless mobility and a space-saving storage solution for universities and companies.

FULD allows to reconfigure space for different uses such as breakout sessions, corporate training, and educational events with easy handling and an unique style. It´s available in dipped-in-colour options consisting of the seat, seat-back, and legs in one hue and dual-color combinations. Its innovative one-piece construction and tubular arms result in less waste in the production process. The optional 3D Knit textile is made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled content, and because it’s knitted to the chair’s exact dimensions, there’s no fabric waste.

Together with Dominik Hammer

First presented 2023 at NeoCon in Chicago