FUNDA is a collection of seats presented as a construction made up of two differentiated pieces, capable of extending the life cycle of the product indefinitely.

“Funda” is essentially based on cushions that are drawn over a frame made of shaped, powder-coated steel tubing, rather like putting on a glove. The underlying skeleton is reduced to one material and designed for a long life.

In this way, Funda manages to evoke the maximum expression of comfort and makes available the different pieces of the range to all types of environments: restoration projects, homes, intermediate spaces and office meeting places, etc.

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Collection of upholstered chairs

The new upholstered chair collection for Viccarbe is presented as a construction of two pieces that thanks to its shape simulate the gesture of two hands embracing the user. The development of Funda has been based on combining a metal structure designed to last over time, and an upholstered seat that can be replaced after years of use or severe wear and tear.

Thanks to the technical fabric, which can also be used outdoor, the usual components of a chair (structure, seat, fabrics) were simplified to structure and upholstery, without losing it resistance and comfort.

Together with Arthur Desmet

First presented online