After an intense development phase, mudra marks the beginning of our collaboration with the chair manufacturer Brunner from Rheinau, Germany. The work on the universal chair challenged our understanding of formal qualities and functionality in a exceptional way and would not have been possible without the profound knowledge of the plywood pioneer Becker.

Mudra deliberately draws on design history while exploring new technology to enable an innovative product to a reasonable price.

 The years of development were driven by the ambition to fully test the formal, technical and ecological possibilities of moulded wood technology and with MUDRA to add a new chapter to the history of the wooden shell chair.

The open loop of the backrest turns into the central feature of MUDRA: it elegantly encloses the back without limiting it to one sitting position. At the same time, it is light and elastic to yield resiliently to all movements.

On a practical level, the loop shape ensures the chair’s mobility and stackability.

We envision MUDRA as a universal chair that will function in different contexts, in the cafeteria, restaurants, at home or in the office. The chair has countless possibilities for use.

All individual elements can be taken apart, cleaned or replaced by the user. After years of use, MUDRA can be easily renewed and thus becomes a sustainable product with a particularly long lifespan.


German version

Plywood chair

Die Motivation, den Stuhl “Mudra” zu entwickeln, ergab sich aus der Möglichkeit, gemeinsam mit dem Stuhlspezialisten Brunner und dem führenden Hersteller von Holzformteilen einen Beitrag zum jahrzehntelangen Erbe der Sperrholzstühle leisten zu können.
Mit einer neuen, vom Unternehmen entwickelten 3D-Technologie lassen sich dünne Furnierschichten dreidimensionaler und elastischer als je zuvor formen. Mudra ist leicht, flexibel, stapelbar, alle Einzelteile sind leicht austauschbar. Der Sitz kann nachträglich gepolstert oder zum Reinigen des Bezugs abgenommen werden. Wir glauben, dass Mudra damit ein neues Kapitel in der Geschichte des Schalenstuhls aufschlägt. Mudra wird in Deutschland zu einem wettbewerbsfähigen Preis hergestellt, in dem Bewusstsein, dass evolutionärer Fortschritt auf der Basis bewährter Traditionen in Verbindung mit zeitgenössischem Know-how möglich ist.

Together with Dominik Hammer, Georg Sampl and Tobias Lugmeier

First presented online

Plywood chair

The motivation in developing the “Mudra” chair stemmed from the opportunity to contribute to the decades-old heritage of plywood chairs together with chair specialist Brunner and the leading manufacturer of moulded wood parts.

Using a new 3D technology developed by the company, thin layers of veneer can be shaped more three-dimensionally and with greater elasticity than ever before. Mudra is light, flexible, stackable, all individual parts are easily interchangeable. The seat can be subsequently upholstered or removed for cleaning the cover. We believe that Mudra thus opens a new chapter in the history of the shell chair. Mudra is manufactured in Germany at a competitive price, in the knowledge that evolutionary progress is possible on the basis of a proven heritage combined with the highest technical know-how. 

Together with  Dominik Hammer, Georg Sampl and Tobias Lugmeier

First presented online