Plusminus is a versatile lighting system that takes the concept of the light rail to a new level.
The conductive textile ribbon at its core allows for free placement of the luminaires and the creation of unique light solutions on the spot.

Plusminus is based on a textile strip that conducts electricity and a variety of lamps that can be positioned anywhere on the strip and then repositioned at will. – Stylepark

Each belt, which can be cut as needed, accommodates multiple luminaries and operates with simple plug-in technology for unparalleled ease of installation and connection. The belt offer adjustments in tension from taut to relaxed as well as click-and-connect functionality, snapping into a buckle attached to each luminaire.

The fabric belt offers endless flexibility of use conducting light across a range of ceiling, shapes and angles.

Elegant and streamlined, the belt avoids the clutter of cables and the complex installation that might require opening walls. – Wallpaper

A good light must react very flexibly to different requirements. For workplaces, it should be a real specialist.

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Collection of lights
Electric conductive textile ribbons, various luminaires

Plusminus is based on a conductive ribbon and a series of individual luminaires that can be placed anywhere on the textile belt. The user can change the position of the lights at any time. Even if several lights are positioned on the ribbon, each one can be controlled separately via an app, software, sensor or switch. The textile ribbon is extremely resistant to stretching, so it can be tightly stretched or loosely laid out over
many metres. It is even possible for the ribbons to touch each other. Plusminus combines light source, driver and electronics in a single unit that can be changed by the customer and maintained very efficiently by Vibia. Planning is done via a special configurator. Plusminus is a universal lighting kit that makes lighting independent of the existing electrical installation and thus emancipates light from architecture.

Together with Arthur Desmet
In collaboration with Berlin based Textile Prototyping Lab
First presented at EUROLUCE 2019 in Milan