The freestanding bathtub OYO DUO explores the potential of an elaborate production technique that moulds plain steel sheets into a flowing form in a matter of seconds. Its organic design allows an installation even in smaller rooms. OYO DUO can be placed like a sculpture, visible from all sides. Manufactured from enamelled steel it is longlasting and all components are fully recyclable.

“The OYO DUO is modern and timeless at the same time.It is not part of a fashion, but the result of a process. It looks as if a fluid, flowing form has been frozen at the moment it touches the ground”.

Stefan Diez

“With the OYO DUO, Munich-based Diez Office has designed a bathtub for the German family business that aims to do more than just outlast short-lived trends. Designer Stefan Diez and his team have once again succeeded in factoring in what comes after.”


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Enamelled sheet steel

The freestanding bathtub OYO DUO is a double-walled vessel made of enamelled sheet steel. The outer form follows our idea of elegance and lightness: The curves are a snapshot of a free-flowing form that is just barely touching the ground, almost floating and still completely under tension. The inner form is the result of Kaldewei’s many years of experience and is committed to outstanding comfort and responsible water consumption. The outer and inner forms meet in a fine line at the outermost rim of the vessel, where they are carefully welded and trimmed by hand.

OYO DUO expresses of our appreciation for the materials used, the elaborate manufacturing process and – last but not least – for its content, water.

Together with Arthur Desmet

First presentend at Salone del Mobile 2022